Bomb Body Shop prides itself off being a black owned brand, whose mission is to bring more body-friendly products to the people. We are an all natural brand that stresses the importance of knowing what toxins we come into contact with through the everyday products that we use.


Once one becomes aware that it is imperative to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle, all else will fall into place. Our self-care products are crafted to be a part of your healing process. Take us with you on your self-care journey.


Our cold processed soaps are usually made with three main ingredients: olive oil (olea europaea), raw organic unrefined shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa), and coconut oil (cocos nucifera). 

As the name suggests, cold processed soaps are indeed a process. After the oils are combined, and the mixture has gelled and solidified, the soap must cure for 4-6 weeks.


The reason for curing is so that the oils and sodium hydroxide (lye) can saponify. The process of saponifying is what makes soap, soap!