You know that feeling of oil build up and dirt on your skin? That's when you know it's time to detox. Our Goji Berry + Vitamin E Face Detox is formulated for combo/oily skin and contains antioxidants from Goji berry extract that rejuvenates the skin and balanced with Vitamin E to nourish. Rose Clay also plays a role in drawing out impurities.


Use once a week as needed. Meant for weekly skincare routine, not daily. Recommended to use at night before bed.


Goji Berry + Vitamin E Face Detox

    • Lightly wet face
    • Apply Face Detox with hands and massage into the skin
    • Rinse
    • Use a pore cleansing pad (or rag) to lift any excess dirt/oil
    • Rinse
    • Follow up with your favorite Bomb Body Shop Elixir